Top Tunes!

2009-06-30 12:54:11 by Patxz

These are some of my favorite songs on Newgrounds! -

Simple Sight (instrumental) /120136

Narwhals Tune /221806

Blackhole FX /2490

And now for my all time favorite! -

~'{Fire Aura}'~ /100727

In other news. I hope you remember the site in my last post...well...Here's the URL again-

So I was looking through the net one day and I found this sight called . This site include many demotivational posters that just plain make me laugh. This one made me bust a gut!

Just some stuff I found on the net!


2009-06-18 18:40:35 by Patxz

Hey guys if I do any posting it will most likely be art. I have posted my most recent picture. It is old, poorly made, coupled with the fact that I made it in paint. Oh well, I hope you enjoy.


No New

2009-06-18 10:27:57 by Patxz

I have no news. Get used to it...


2009-06-17 20:04:13 by Patxz

I am new here aaaaaand I wont be posting anything for awhile!